At Boiler and Heater Services Inc., we believe that safety is more than policy, procedures, and laws. We consider Safety a culture and it is our #1 goal. If we can’t complete the job safely, then we will not do the job. The statement, “You have the time to do your job so do it safely!” is often echoed throughout our management.

Boiler and Heater Services Inc. is proud of its safety track record. By using the experience modification rate (EMR) for comparisons, our safety record is unmatched in the industry. Our EMR has stayed below the industry average of 1. EMR is a representation of a company’s dedication to safety and is based on payroll data and Workman’s Compensations claims. It is an excellent measure of how our loss prevention and control practices stack up to others in our industry and is a tribute to how our safety program is managed. So it provides an accurate representation of our safety record. This is one instance where a lower score is better. At BHSI, we proudly state that our EMR has averaged .77 since incorporation.

As you can see, our safety record far exceeds the industry average. By incurring these lower costs, we can pass on the savings to our customers. But most importantly, this achievement represents our commitment to the safety and health of our employees and those around us.